What are the specifications for the customized layout of the medal, and which information should be provided?

customized layout of the medal

The basic width of the medal is: 10mm; 13mm; 15mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 38mm, made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, also made of stone, wood, resin, organic, Even a combination of several. The straps can be designed and manufactured in various styles and diversification according to different needs, and can be printed with logos or various patterns. What are the design specifications for the customized layout of the medal summary by ASNY Craft Factory, and what information does it provide?


1. The name of the medal and the name of the medal item should be correct.


2. The materials and craftsmanship required for medal production should be superior.


3. The content and text of the medal must be accurate.


4. The content of the medal production must meet the requirements.


5. The pattern, LOGO logo and mark of the medal layout should be clear.


6. The standard layout of the medal must be composed of the opening title, the text of the commendation and the closing inscription.


7. The fonts used in the design of medals should not be too individual and distinctive.


8. When making medals and designing medals, the layout style of medal layout should be fresh and clean.


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