Two dimensions to pay attention to the details of medal making

medal making

The medal design is designed according to the meaning of medal customization, the main purpose, and the size of the medal, according to the actual needs of customers. ASNY analyzes two dimensions that need to be paid attention to in the details of medal making.


1. Design and priority of medals

In the design process of the gold medal, we must pay attention to the primary and secondary relationship and needs, as well as their style, content and theme, whether the selected material is gold, silver, copper, or other materials, and what the overall style is. Only when these are clear can we make beautiful the gold medal.


2. Improve the processing details

The making of metal medals requires careful refinement and refinement of many details. Aside from the main aspects, more attention is needed to its details. For example, upon receipt of the goods, medals need to be inspected for technical or material defects, and medals for scratches or stains. If so, the customer must be contacted immediately to request a replacement medal. (Optional) Consider re-customizing. The inspection of medals is very strict and needs to be taken seriously.


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