Knowledge: how to choose the right badge

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Badges are generally used to represent a person's identity, occupation and honor. The types of badges are divided into team badges, regimental badges, military badges, national badges, school badges, etc. Now the types of badges are very rich, and they can also be used as accessories, as identity and brand, group logos, as gifts and commemorative badges for commemorative publicity activities. ASNY badge customization teaches you how to choose the right badge to create.


1. Selection of materials

Pure gold, pure silver, red copper, brass, zinc alloy (the largest amount, recommended), aluminum, stainless steel, iron (low price, but easy to rust) and other metal materials.


2. The choice of process

The imitation enamel badge (cloisonne) has a beautiful appearance, the material is copper or zinc alloy, the paint badge (beautiful and affordable, recommended, the material is copper, zinc alloy or iron), bite plate, printing (for small and complex graphics with gradient, only Offset printing can be used, but if the quantity is small, the cost of plate making will be very high) You can add glue drop plastic, that is, transparent protective resin (Bolly), on the surface.


3. Badge accessories

The default badge accessories are thorns and butterfly clasp. The high-end ones include flat head buckles, cap buckles, safety pins, hook pins, etc.


4. The choice of badge plating surface effect

According to the artwork, it can be plated with bright gold, matte gold, bright silver, bright copper, green bronze, red bronze, ancient tin, matt nickel, etc. The surface can be made of glossy, matte, matte and other effects, and Add a layer of protective resin (Poly).


4. Badge design

The more complex the graphics and the more colors, the higher the price, and many badge artwork effects cannot be achieved in actual badge production.


6. Badge price

The price of the badge is largely determined by the badge material, production process and quantity. If the budget is sufficient, please choose copper or zinc alloy badges, and if the price is cheap, please choose iron or aluminum badges.


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