How many types of PVC refrigerator magnet and what are their production principle?

PVC refrigerator magnet

PVC refrigerator magnets are made of PVC, and they are also used to make memos, that is, small notes. What are the types of PVC refrigerator magnets and what are the production principles?


1. Refrigerator magnet

Made with the following soft glue magnet + color printed peritoneum on coated paper.


2. Magnetic bookmarks

It is made by the method of lowering the soft glue magnet (for attracting magnetism) + four-color printing on the upper coated paper.


3. Magnetic message board whiteboard

Using soft magnet (or cardboard) + coated paper four-color printing frame + erasable pen.


4. Magnetic photo frame

The peritoneum is color-printed on coated paper with soft glue magnets, and the photo frame is punched in the middle. Or make photo frames of various materials such as double-layer photo frames, PVC photo frames, cardboard photo frames, etc. according to customer requirements.


5. Magnetic sticky notes

Use the soft glue magnet below + coated paper on the four-color printing with a frame with a magnetic notepad, or a separate notepad, easy to carry.


6. Magnetic puzzle (cardboard puzzle)

It is made of a soft glue magnet below (or cardboard grey board paper) + four-color printing molding film on coated paper, and small puzzles required for punching design in the middle.


7. Refrigerator film

PVC Soft Adhesive Refrigerator Film is made of PVC soft glue on the front and magnets or soft magnets on the back.


8. Fridge magnets

It is made of a four-color printing wrapping process and a plastic magnetic sheet.


9. Water drop fridge magnets

Made of soft glue magnet below + color printing on upper coated paper + water drop peritoneum.


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