What are the steps in the production method of the medal wooden holder?丨What is the medal wooden holder?

production method of the medal wooden holder

Wood board medals are also known as solid wood medals. They are generally made of various precious tree species boards. The surface is only laser engraved. The wood board texture is the main support. After other auxiliary plaques are combined with each other, they have a strong three-dimensional effect and can also be hung on the wall. Medal customization manufacturers talk about the steps in the production method of medal wooden brackets.


1. First, arrange the content of the wooden trays that need to be made on the computer. Pay attention to the required size of the medal, etc., and then print it on the transparencies with a color inkjet printer or photo machine (must be set to mirror printing, printing on the ink-absorbing side of the transparencies).


2. Finally, stick ordinary double-sided tape around and in the middle of the back of the gold foil product (gold foil material) that has been made (generally, it is best to choose ordinary double-sided tape with a width of 1--2 cm), and attach it to the wooden tray. (Wooden sign) Master the left and right distance and stick them together, and the gold foil medal can be completed.


3. Gently peel off one end of the transparent protective layer by about 0.5 cm by hand (there are protective layers on both sides of the high-transparent double-sided adhesive, with a transparent layer on one side and a white backing layer on the other side). Left and right, be careful not to lift too much, so as not to get dust.


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