Tell the difference between custom medals and trophies

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Medals are certificates issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. In sports competitions, gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals are generally assigned to the first, second, and third places. The trophy is relatively large and requires more materials, such as the football World Cup trophy to be held; since the trophy does not conform to the concept of green Olympics, in order to save rare metals, it is now changed to a medal, a small piece, which can be hung directly around the neck. , saving a lot of material. Medal customization manufacturers tell the difference between customized medals and trophies.


First, the size difference of the medal:

The size of the medal, 18X21, 25X30, 35X40, 35X50, 40X60, of which 35X50 and 40X60 are basically used for issuing units or departments. There are two types of medals: vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to choose according to different uses.


Second, the size difference of the trophy:

The small trophy is about 18 cm high

The medium trophy is about 24 cm high

The large trophy is about 28 cm high

Extra large cup about 34 cm high


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