What are the processes and characteristics of the customized injection molding of badges?

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The principle of injection molding process refers to the process of manufacturing semi-finished products with a certain shape through operations such as pressurization, injection, cooling, and separation. Let's talk about the processes and characteristics of the customized injection molding of badges.


1. Spotting (painting) process:

The base color of the product or the concave character injection paint can be mixed with various colors of paint, and the injection-molded medal can be painted with a syringe to make the product more unique and prominent in color.


2. Injection molding sign bronzing processing

According to the actual color requirements, the anodized aluminum foil is transferred to the surface of the medal to form a special metal effect. The bronzing paper materials include black, white, gold, silver, red, blue, green, laser foil, multicolored foil, colorful foil, matt paper, etc. color.


3. Printing production

Using injection-molded sheets to directly print medals through printer equipment, the overall processing cost is high, and it is suitable for processing a small number of single products. Generally, this process is not adopted for customized batches of metal medals.


4. The printing process

Through silk screen printing, offset printing, thermal transfer printing, pad printing, various patterns, characters, numbers and other contents of the picture can be printed on the customized injection-molded metal medal, so that the surface color can achieve a more exquisite appearance.


5. Spraying process

Use the prepared paint and spray the medals with modern equipment in combination with the workshop environment, so that the color effect of the injection-molded medals becomes more colorful. After the paint is painted, it can be dried at room temperature, or it can be baked at 60 ℃ for 30 minutes.


6. Sculpture production process

After the medal is formed, it can be engraved or engraved on the surface of the product by CNC engraving machine and laser engraving process. This process is generally used for the processing of products that require serial numbers.


7. Electroplating process

Injection-molded medals are generally decorative copper, nickel, chrome, gun color, imitation gold, real gold, titanium gold plating or matte sand nickel plating with a sand finish.


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