Learn how to customize the size of metal badges

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What are the skills in the size setting of the metal mold boy? There is a lot of knowledge in this face. The custom metal badge is made of metal materials according to the customer's requirements. In this way, it is more humanized, because we can directly follow the user's requirements. To make a variety of different sizes and different types of micro badges, but in the industry, the size required for different badges is also different in ASNY.


The custom-made size of common metal badges needs to be comprehensively set according to the purpose and design drawings. Generally, 20-25mm is suitable for badges worn on the chest. The size is calculated according to the diameter of the longest side. is the size of the diameter.


When customizing metal badges, consider the actual operation possibility and price ratio. But the size of the badge will directly affect the price, the larger the size, the higher the price. Because more materials are consumed, the work time is also longer.


However, the size of the design badge has a lot to do with the comfort of wearing it. Most badges are worn on the left chest, but some conference badges are worn on the collar of the suit, while the armbands and collars have relatively fixed positions. . When wearing the badge, pay attention to the size and weight of the badge. If the badge is relatively large and heavy, you need to add a thorn needle to prevent the badge from falling; -- some small and lightweight badges can be equipped with magnet stickers, which also avoids leaving on clothes. Prick the needle hole. When wearing the badge, pay attention to the color matching with the clothes. When pregnant women and children wear the badge, try to use the magnetic sticker accessories to stab the horse to avoid stabbing the skin.


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