Talk about the advantages of etched metal medals丨Metal Medal Definition

Medal Customization

Metal medal customization is made of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver and other metal materials through a certain medal process. In recent years, the collection value of medals has become more and more prominent, especially the medals and commemorative plaques made of metal materials have become the mainstream of medal production. Talk about the advantages of etched metal medals.


First, the primary and secondary reasons for corrosion are that although the potential difference between the metals in general, especially in the conductive natural environment, the electronic devices will be lost.


Second. The corrosion of metals is very extensive, especially in the city where the air pollution is becoming more and more serious. In other words, the harm of acid rain is not only expanding steadily, in other words, the adverse effects of corrosion are also increasing day by day.


Third. Because in my opinion, the anti-corrosion countermeasures are now mainly included in the initial, in other words, cathodic protection maintenance, and gradually developed to block the electrolyte solution and add current pipeline cathodic protection.


Fourth. Cathodic protection mainly refers to the basic principle of metal activity. The use of open metal must first erode the state in my opinion, and immediately maintain the malleable metal.

Fifth. Blocking the electrolyte solution is to install multiple insulating layers between the protected metal and the sea surface, air, and ground, thereby reducing the loss rate of electronic devices and protecting the metal and the purpose.


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