Frequently asked questions about badge customization and production

Frequently asked questions about badge customization and production

First: we must know the use of the badge, understand the badge making process, type, etc., remember, what we need is the badge that is most suitable for us.

Second: the difference between the mold


1. There are two common mold-opening processes that are often used. One is casting, then pressing and trimming. How to describe it? Take out the frozen popsicles. This is a kind of process, the advantage is that it is fast, but the disadvantage is that it is not detailed enough, especially some relatively fine lines, it is difficult to make, and because of this method, some processes cannot be added. . If you do some demanding works, the finished product made of this kind of mold will definitely not work.


2. Another method of opening the mold is to melt the materials first, and use a hydraulic press to press them into gold, silver and copper cakes. For example, the thickness of the finished product needs to be 2mm, so first press it into a 2mm embryo cake, and then combine the carving, Mirror, convex yarn and other processes, first make a delicate mold. The texture and process superposition problem can be solved in this way. Of course, this method is also time-consuming. This is a combination of traditional badge technology and modern coinage technology, so some molds can be a few hundred pieces. Some molds cost thousands. When you figure out the finished product you want, the quality requirements are not high, and then choose the mold to produce, don't spend money but not receive good process results.


Third: the choice of the back buckle


At present, there are several installation processes for the back buckle. The emblems made by some companies have more significance for collection, so the pursuit is more beautiful than practical. Some companies require employees to wear them every day, so it is necessary to pay attention to the firmness of the back buckle. . If you can't carry it, it will fall off within a few days, and it is still more troublesome to repair.


One is to use high-strength industrial glue to stick it on. Because this method is manual operation, the process of sticking is good or bad, but there is nothing to say about the aesthetics. Another process is soldering, which solders the pins on the back and the back of the badge together, so that even if you pull hard, it will not fall off. , A little, the back is generally not seen, so you have to choose according to your company's requirements, the soldering process is usually more expensive, because the needle is relatively small.


Fourth: the choice of style


Many people see the renderings on paper and always want to add a lot of things and elements, but after making them, they find that there is too much content. It is not prominent enough to wear, and you need to get close to see it, but if you wear it often, it is best not to have too much content, and it is enough to highlight the corporate logo. Therefore, the choice of badge customization determines whether your finished product matches your needs in the end.


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