What could we do to protect the medal better?

Medal Maker

With the continuous improvement of social living standards, more and more people have begun to participate in more competitions to pursue higher breakthroughs. In the competition, the winner not only needs a record of his own, but also an honor of his own, and the metal medal serves as a symbol of honor for the competition. Each competition will have a special metal medal production, and each medal represents the spirit of the competition. So what can be done to better protect the medal?


1. Not suitable for good touch, if you touch it frequently, sweat and other chemicals will stay on the surface of the medal, which will easily cause air oxidation. When picking up the trophy, you must wear clean soft cloth gloves or grab the trophy with tweezers.

2. It is not recommended to place the trophy in an area without natural ventilation for a long time, otherwise, the water vapor on the surface of the medal cannot be fully exerted in the humid and cold temperature, and it is very easy to be oxidized.

3. Avoid contact with harmful substances of moisture and environmental pollution. The rainy, hot temperatures and dirty natural environment such as restaurant kitchens are very susceptible to erosion in the south.

4. Use the harness cover to seal the trophy, then put it in a tin cookie box, which can be covered with a little moisture repellant.

5. One trophy package (empty bag or 0PP self-adhesive tape or high-grade packing box), stored separately.

6. For the oxidized trophy, gently wash it with a cloth and a small amount of whitening toothpaste, remove the air oxide layer, and store it in a sealed container.

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