Materials and Production Process of Custom Medals

    Medal Customization and Production

    Medals are of great significance in various competitions and are a symbol of honor. Medal customization is also becoming more and more popular. Let's talk about how the medals are made. According to the different craft materials, the medals can be divided into: bronze medals, aluminum plate screen printing cards, stainless steel medals, titanium gold medals, sand gold medals, pile gold medals, gold plated medals, car paint cards, and flat printing cards.

Medal making process:

1. Design the medal artwork. With the popularization of computer technology, computer drawings replaced the previous manual drawings.

2. Make medal molds. Import the manuscript designed on the computer into the engraving machine program and edit the tool path for mold carving. During the carving process, pay attention to the thickness of the knife pattern. After carving, check whether the mold is missing or not according to the picture. Finally, the mold is heat treated to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

3. To suppress. Install the often heat-treated mold on the pressing table, and transfer the pattern to different medal making materials such as copper or iron.

4. Punching. Using the pre-made die, press the product according to its shape, and use a punch to punch the product down.

5. Polished. Put the product punched by the knife die into the polishing machine for polishing, remove the punching burr, and improve the smoothness of the product.

6. Accessories for welding medals. Solder the back of the product to the standard accessories of the medal or the accessories required by the customer.

7. Plating and coloring the medals. The medals are electroplated according to customer requirements, which can be gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, copper-plated, etc.

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