Analysis of three important factors that should be paid attention to in the customization of metal badges


    Badges made of general metal materials are thin in body, delicate in workmanship, accurate in color registration, bright in surface, not easy to corrode, not only easy to wear, but also more conducive to collection. The editor will tell you about three important factors that should be paid attention to when customizing metal badges.

1. Color

      Generally gorgeous badge colors can not be achieved in actual badge production, so try to use standard colors, we use Pantone colors. If there is a gradient in the middle of the badge design, and you insist on this gradient effect, then there will only be one badge making process: lithography badge, material is bronze or stainless steel.

2. Line width

      Too thin lines can only be expressed as metallic colors (such as gold, silver, etc.) in the badge, and too thin lines will not be able to enter the color because the position is too small.

3. Pattern

    The badge pattern should be as simple and generous as possible, because the size of the badge is usually relatively small, and in such a small size, it is necessary to accommodate a very complex badge design, and the badge will be difficult to perform well, and the complex pattern will greatly increase the cost of the badge.

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