What are the different materials of the medals?丨How are the characters engraved on the custom medals?


    The types of medals are generally: wooden medals, crystal medals, resin medals, alloy medals, precious metal medals, etc. ASNY Craft Factory tells you how to engrave custom medals with different materials.


1. The resin medals are basically affixed with gold foil text, and this process basically needs to be done by hand.

2. the crystal medal is engraved into the text through color printing, internal carving, sandblasting and other processes. The main process is to scan the image with ink, carry out detailed polishing and edging, then carry out internal carving, and then carry out sandblasting.

3. Wooden medals, which were finished by oxidation and corrosion, and are now also engraved.

4. Alloy medals, there are two methods, one is screen printing; the other is laser lettering.

5. Precious metal medals are generally made of gold, silver, copper and other raw materials. For medals, they are basically laser engraved.

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