The colorful life can not be separated from the metal key ring

Fashion coastal people everywhere focus on quality, taste, even metal key rings, table accessories definitely reflect the personality of the shopkeeper. Handcuff key rings, car paper weights, light toothpicks general items to carry out some design, metal appearance, curved shape to the coastal people around added a lot of charm and sense of humor.


Philippi from Germany has just boarded the gold ingot, specializing in selling some fine lifestyle products, but its exquisite design makes practical products into works of art. Metal, glass are the main creative elements of Philippi, using cold materials to become a simple and beautiful curved shape, becoming a world leader in high quality lifestyle. Philippi is not only a personal taste, but also a favorite in private collections. A truck, silver light metal body cool feeling filled, as soon as the car take a look, high car inside a lot of small batteries, the original car is dedicated to the user of the pen, supplies, can not help but smile. Keys are easy to lose, and then metal key chain with handcuffs placed on it looks like it will not fall off. Give it to the beloved, is not it will make her understand your thoughts: resolutely torment you, for life. Whether on the table or in the car, the magnetic paper weight angel can wake up effectively for the owner. Even if you have a setback at work today, you can play ball with the fate of the stock to see whether to buy or sell, or go home and ask your mother.

Although just listed, see many people, buy the most expensive is the price of the lower key ring. A customer saw a metal deposit of about ten centimeters in diameter priced at 1,000 yuan and joked, "I really don't know the deposit locker to save the face value of the RMB is appropriate.

Therefore, the price factor will lead to the popularity of the critical chain.