It is just that you canot think of it丨Inventory of those "weird-shaped" gold and silver commemorative coins

In China, gold and silver coins are usually round, and it is rare to see other shapes of gold and silver coins, but in foreign countries, there are only shapes of commemorative coins you can't think of, nothing they can't do. Follow me today to see these coins with different shapes!

Simple Geometry

For shaped coins, geometric shapes are considered the most common. Geometric shapes have obvious lines and sharp angles, representing positive, aggressive, righteous and other more serious meanings.

1 This heptagonal silver coin from the Royal Mint is a silver coin with a face value of 50 pence minted to commemorate the Olympic Games in Rio, and features Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse. This silver coin is limited to only 2016 pieces.

2 This is a triangular silver coin from the Royal Australian Mint, minted in memory of the Australians who died in World War I. Guess who is on the reverse of the coin?  That's right, as a Commonwealth country, the reverse of this silver coin is also Queen Victoria II.

3 France is worthy of being a country of romance. The four-leaf shaped gold and silver coins made by the long-established Paris Mint give people a sense of hope, and the fact that both sides of the coin are carved with elegant living creatures makes gold and silver friendly as well.

strange appearance

Royal Canadian Mint The Royal Canadian Mint is a world-famous mint, established in 1908, and the Maple Leaf coin that you know so well now is its own.

In addition to the maple leaf coin, located in the cold North American continent, the brain of Canadians is not generally open, gold and silver commemorative coins in different shapes, let's take a look!

1 The maple leaf is a symbol of Canada, and the white swans in Toronto Lake are a source of fascination for many people, hence this maple leaf shaped Canadian swan silver coin, the first time they have issued a quarter ounce maple leaf shaped silver coin.

2 Perhaps the ordinary flat design no longer shows the majesty of the polar bear, so the Canadians have made it three-dimensional - even though it is still a commemorative coin. The tiny silver and gold-plated sculpture comes in a set of five.

3 Even the vast expanse of the country can't stop Canadians' brains from breaking through national boundaries. Canadians have made a commemorative coin out of its big neighbor, the Russian specialty, the nesting doll!

4 It is said that the collection of seven Dragon Balls can obtain superpowers, so what about the collection of four silver coins? A set of commemorative coin puzzle you deserve!

5 To ask if there is a normal commemorative coin in Canada, it is still there, just this box ......

6 This is a 2017 1 oz pure silver rugby ball curved coin with the rugby ball protruding from the obverse and the queen sunk deep into the reverse ...... Are you okay, my queen?

7 Are there any Canadian commemorative coins with normal coins and normal boxes? Then of course there is.!

But please note - there are only 500 sets of this one-kilogram sterling silver super high relief coin minted, and to use the tagline on the product page: you'll never get another chance to get this!

The Royal Canadian Mint designed and manufactured this silver coin last year for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Canadian Confederation. It is technically difficult to produce in super high relief, and the design includes the obverse and reverse of coins that have been and are currently in circulation in Canada. A set of 2499.95 Canadian dollars, equivalent to 12,383 yuan.