The magic makeup mirror that realizes intelligent life

What do you usually use a makeup mirror for? Some people are wondering: "Of course the mirror should come to shine, what else can it be used for?" Have you ever thought that every morning when you wake up and brush your teeth, you can see the weather, stock information, or even your health information from your mirror? Now Cybertecture mirror can let you know all this.

When you walk into the bathroom in the morning, open it up and you can brush your teeth and put on makeup while it displays the day's news and information, updates from subscribed blogs, Twitter updates and more. It connects wirelessly to your computer and can be controlled by remote control, making it possible to display our weight and health information records from the mirror as well. It is not only a professional makeup mirror, but also an information platform! I can't imagine that a makeup mirror can be so amazing.

Double-sided mini makeup mirror Portable makeup mirror

Makeup mirror does not have to be placed in the bathroom, but also in their own private gym, bedroom, living room, and if there is rain in the weather, it will also be a friendly reminder to bring an umbrella, in short, it is a digital life window, to achieve intelligent life.

Although how it looks like a concept product, but in fact the magical makeup mirror to achieve a smart life has been officially released in Hong Kong, priced at $ 7,700, will begin to accept reservations in December. Double-sided makeup mirror manufacturer said, for the current can not use the touch and fully automated operation of the product, the price to only use the word expensive to describe. However, intelligent life will become more and more popular, we will invent more intelligent technology in the future, to change our lives and services.