What material is suitable for the production of scenic spot signage

Natural materials are rich in variety, mainly including wood, stone, etc. Wood characteristics: wood has the characteristics of easy to take, easy to process, wood as a scenic spot signage materials are widely used. Stone characteristics: first is the visual impact, environmental protection and ecological, natural integration in the environment. The second is corrosion resistance, not easily damaged by external forces, long service life. But natural stone also has the disadvantage of bulky, not easy to transport and processing.

Artificial materials, as the main advantage of scenic signage is the ease of production, and there are different from the natural material fashion style, the scenic environment to play a good embellishment, beautification


Metal materials: metal materials due to the characteristics of the material, through cutting, bending, welding, baking paint and other processes can be made into a variety of signage. Commonly used are stainless steel plate,

Cold plate, aluminum alloy plate, etc.

Through the above introduction, I believe that the nature of common materials have a general understanding of the characteristics, then in the planning and design of scenic area guide signage

You can choose the material by combining the environmental characteristics of the scenic spot, and you can scan the QR code below for more information.