Do you know what are the materials of keychain?

We often talk about key chains, who knows that key rings can be produced in several materials? Key rings made of several materials will be introduced.

1. PVC soft key ring: shaped shape solid, can be customized according to its size and shape, the cost of opening the mold is generally a little more expensive, jewelry stores this material the most; disadvantage, the color is easy to become dull.

2. Acrylic key ring: is plexiglass, imported materials and domestic materials, hollow solid, transparent, the middle can be placed in the color paper; acrylic hardness determines the degree of wear and tear of the key ring. The surface is easy to spend. (Hardness table reference leechoo) ceramic after the best new material that can be produced sanitary ware. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages in addition to unparalleled high brightness: toughness, easy to damage; strong repair power, as long as the soft foam soaked in toothpaste can clean sanitary ware; soft texture, no cold bitterness in winter; colorful, to meet the pursuit of different qualities of personality. With acrylic production basin, bathtub, toilet, not only exquisite style, durable, but also has an environmental role, radiation and the body's own bone radiation almost the same.

3. Zinc alloy key ring: zinc alloy is also one of the relatively strong plasticity of the metal, the general surface after a drop of oil or thin metal to do rust treatment.

4. Leather light key ring: leather stitching, imitation leather, PU, the middle is also embedded with a small light a key ring, night or dark places can also be used for lighting.

5. Solar key ring: the middle of the solar panel, sunny, the pattern inside faintly appears.

6. ABS material three-dimensional key chain: open an injection mold, injected with ABS material, and then color, because of the high cost of teaching, generally do more. Much better quality than PVC.

7. Crystal key chain: generally artificial crystal as the material, can be made into a variety of shapes of crystal key ring, the cost generally ranges from tens to tens of dollars. Crystal became a fashion favorite with a song: "My love with you, like crystal, no burden, secret, clean and transparent. I give you love is beautiful crystal, unique light glorifies your heart and mine" Crystal has become pure.

Key rings are also common in the manufacture of various types of nameplates. And to mention the key ring, you must mention the couple keychain. Every day to face the busy tasks of urban-type men and women, both men and women, the heart every day from time to time to play love chase running expression, facing my favorite object does not have to do their own chores, expecting the most modest response from each other, absolutely not because anything is lost in the original purest heart. Also hope that like a fairy tale Easter, like the final story, both sides will finally be able to know who is the best partner. If you are working on a diet of men and women that may be mouths that can not be opened for the purpose, may express their hearts with this couple of key chains that will never give away its true meaning! When the other person receives this gift, they will be able to feel your simplest heart.

A variety of couples key rings, in addition to understanding the technology of modern deep metal, can feel a kind of attention to the grace. Each key ring is designed to fit not only elegant and beautiful norms, very clever intimate, humorous design, but also to the tired body and soul, find rest space on the side, a new feeling of life. Never return to the popular minimalist style, stored some of the most IN luxury taste, like a taste of the good life of men and women, do not miss the exquisite collection.

The manufacturing process of keychains is the same as that of nameplates and badges, and is discussed in detail in other chapters and will not be listed again.