The main functional role and classification of metal signs

The function of metal signage has two main points: marking and publicity role.

First, marking, warning. The main function of the signage is to be able to put it has the marking, warning function role for people to see. The main form of expression of the signage is text, with the direction of the arrow or number. The text can clearly tell people the location of the signage, whether it is the destination or the starting point, need to be able to effectively express the text. There are pointing arrows, this is to tell people where they need to go whether they need to go straight or turn around. Numbers which is an expression of the distance, common mainly on the traffic signage said speed limit or how far away from the destination.

Second, propaganda to convey information. The second function of signage is to convey information, much like the role of advertising. We can know the information we want to know through the signage and extract it accurately.

The role of signage is mainly these two points, but it is not just these two points, in the park or other places, it also has the role of beautification of the environment.

The main classification of metal signs.

1. flat sun sign: the use of photographic sun sign way, the different colors dissolved in the film, so that the method through the development of the display on the metal plate, so as to achieve the purpose of meaningful description.

2. Screen printing sign: Using resin ink, screen printing on the pre-treated plate, and then light preservation, lamination and other processes can be made into a variety of beautiful color screen printing signs.

3. Electroplating and electroforming sign: also known as gold pile sign, it is the use of screen printing or photosensitive system.

4. Heat transfer sign: It is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of metal plates, and then the color pictures you design into the transfer paper by ink jet printing, and then reversed to the metal plate by heating, made of signs.

5. Sandblasting sign: Using the method of computer engraving, the engraved instant stickers are glued to the metal plate, and the text graphics are sandblasted to form a sand surface effect, and then oxidized, thus making the metal plate show the effect of sand and gold.

6. Corrosion signage: corrosion signage is also known as etched signage. Mainly check the use of masking, etching post-processing three steps to process and make a convex sign.