The process of stainless steel corrosion signage production

Stainless steel is a signage production process often used materials, its production process is much more difficult than copper plate, aluminum plate, but it has good resistance to atmospheric and fresh water media corrosion performance, and through corrosion, polishing, brushing to obtain a very beautiful decorative effect, so the fastest corrosion method for stainless steel is electrochemical corrosion also known as electrolytic corrosion. Because electrochemical corrosion in the sign corrosion will make the ink off, so the sign is not applicable to electrochemical corrosion, especially fine patterns.

1、Preparation of materials, selection of specifications and plates according to requirements.

2、Program the sign graphic file by computer, then use the engraving machine to engrave the plate of the sign, with self-adhesive.

3, the engraved self-adhesive accurately affixed to the plate, so that the film paste flat, firmly attached, need to heat the plate with a good film; wear thermal gloves, the sign on the cellular coal stove heated to hotter (about 90-100 degrees Celsius, estimated), and then remove the text, lace, the formation of hollow version.

4、Treat the sign with acid washing method or sand beating method so that the paint can be firmly combined with the plate.

5、Clean the corroded sign and prepare for painting. Paint can choose baking paint (must have an oven) or automotive metal paint are available.

6、After the paint is sprayed and dried, remove the excess stickers on the sign, the product is complete.

7, the final defect treatment: if the sign because of self-adhesive degumming residue on it, you can use a rag to remove the point of loctite.