The three principles of signage design

A, scientific practicality

The proportion of modeling design should be coordinated and beautiful and take into account the scientific and economic and modeling ratio, and high-quality signage design not only color design in line with product performance and coordination and reasonable, will also focus on highlighting the scientific practicality, so as to make their own signage design stand out from the crowd.

Second, the decorative effect is indispensable

In the sign design pattern should have characteristics and text should be clear and beautiful so as to be more in line with people's habits of use, the designer must understand the processing process, which is one of the important factors to ensure that the design of the product's desire to meet the possibility of processing decoration signs. Different processing techniques produce a vast difference in the decorative effect, so only completely give the desired decorative effect to the product to make the signage design more beautiful.

Third, distinctive

In the first-class signage design, attention should be paid to innovation to make its patterns have characteristics, which requires the designer to clearly understand how the artistic effect can be produced by various means of technology. It is best to highlight the differences between your signage design and others, making the designed signage unique. Sign design which is good needs to consider a variety of factors such as the application of color and font clarity, should also pay attention to public aesthetics, in the details should highlight the uniqueness of their own sign design and innovation, which will test the designer's daily observation and their own innovative ability, sign design should be unconventional, to achieve diversity and absorb a variety of innovative elements, the most important is to meet the above three major design sign The most important thing is to meet the above three principles of designing signs, so that their signs can be applied to various occasions and fully reflect the color characteristics of the products so that the products have significant artistic characteristics and practical value.