UEFA Euro 2024: Grand Event and Unique Custom Sports Football Event Souvenirs Badges and Pins

The 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship, commonly known as Euro 2024, is in full swing. Organized by UEFA, the tournament takes place from June 14 to July 14, 2024, in Germany. This is the fourth time Germany has hosted a major football event, following the 1974 and 1988 European Championships and the 2006 FIFA World Cup. So far, some results have already been revealed, including the unfortunate penalty miss by Cristiano Ronaldo, whose greatness remains unchallenged.


Popular Euro 2024 Souvenirs

During this grand event, Euro 2024 souvenirs have become a hot topic among football fans. As a company with extensive experience, ASNY (Hong Kong) Craft Gifts Co., Ltd. has excelled in producing various large-scale event souvenirs. ASNY Craft Factory has custom-produced club logo badges, lapel pins, and other merchandise for many well-known football clubs. Their color accuracy and detail reproduction have been highly praised.


As shown in the images, ASNY Craft Factory's football club badges are vibrant and exquisitely designed, each perfectly capturing the club's emblem and spirit. Whether it's FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Liverpool, these badges showcase top-tier craftsmanship and high-quality production. These products are not only popular during Euro 2024 but also cherished collectibles for fans.



Special Badges for Cristiano Ronaldo

Additionally, ASNY Craft Factory has created exclusive badges for legendary players like Cristiano Ronaldo. These badges not only depict Ronaldo's prowess on the field but also capture his iconic moments. From his goal celebrations to his interactions with fans, ASNY Craft Factory has precisely represented these in the badges. The Ronaldo badge series is undoubtedly a must-have for every fan, honoring his illustrious career and celebrating the spirit of football.



Expanding Beyond Football: Baseball Memorabilia

Beyond football, ASNY Craft Factory has also produced authorized products for American baseball. The craftsmanship of baseball badges is equally exquisite, with vibrant colors and lively patterns, such as “SE Winders” and “Marlboro Dukes,” showcasing our factory's ability to produce memorabilia for various themes and styles.



Custom-Made Medals for All Occasions

When it comes to sporting events, medals are always a significant part. Award medals are typically round, suitable for various events or activities. Standard sizes range from 1.5 inches to 3 inches (3.8 cm to 7.6 cm), with typical ribbon lengths of 30 inches (76 cm). These medals usually lack color and are differentiated by gold, silver, or antique bronze plating to signify different honor levels and purposes.

However, commemorative or promotional medals are not bound by these constraints. ASNY Craft Factory can customize medals in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors according to customer requirements. Whether commemorating a special event or serving as a promotional item, these medals can be uniquely and creatively designed. Our craftsmanship and design team strive to make each medal a work of art, meeting the needs of various events and commemorations.



In summary, whether it's Euro 2024 souvenirs, football club badges, or authorized baseball products, ASNY Craft Factory offers high-quality custom services. We are dedicated to creating unique memorabilia for each customer, leaving beautiful memories. Event organizers, clubs, and fans are welcome to contact us to customize exclusive merchandise.


For more information, please visit our website: ASNY Craft Factory looks forward to collaborating with you to create more wonderful souvenirs.